John Frusciante Interview

Here’s an inspired interview from January 2009 with John Frusciante discussing his latest album “The Empyrean” and his recording technique and philosophies on music in general.  He really dives deep into the mental processes he has when making music and how he thinks music should really be made.  I’ve always dug his work and this was a good source of info and inspiration about where he’s coming from and where he’s going.  Check it out at


The Naked Empire

The Naked Empire is currently featured in Demonoid‘s downloads at the moment, just checked it out on a whim, and they are not too shabby at all. Up beat Alt Rock ala Muse with a dash of Faith No More, which I like. They have a version for free download and high quality purchases for the nerds, hit it up!

Alice in Chains – Acid Bubble (Footage from Amsterdam)

Here is some quality fan-filmed footage of Alice in Chains performing a new song “Acid Bubble” from their upcoming record “Black Gives Way to Blue”.  I think it sounds awesome, can’t wait for this album.