Drool over Karnivool

So this band from Australia came barging into my head space recently, their name is Karnivool and they fucking rule. (See what I did there?) Metalsucks blogged about them a few weeks ago, and man… They are freakin’ good I’ll tell ya what. Apparently they have 3 releases and I hadn’t heard a peep about them on my desert island known as Canada. All the while Edge102 continues to play worn-out, crappy, mediocore, pop-based, Slushy music disguised as “Alternative” Rock. People really need to listen to this band, seriously. Their latest album ‘Sound Awake’ has just been released in North America and they are hitting T.O. in April at the Annex Wreckroom with Fair to Midland. I know I have my ticket, do you? Check out this video after the jump.