Back from the City of Wind

Lollapalooza definitely lived up to the hype! My first 3-Day Music Festival was a blast and I’m excited to show you guys some of the photos and videos we got from the weekend. I attended all 3 days and tried to see as much as possible. Some of my favourite performances were;

Day 1

Bon Iver; Very packed crowd and his renditions of the songs from the album was just as haunting with a little bit more instrumentation from his band members.

Fleet Foxes; Very good band, the crowd was way into these guys and so were we, we were right up front for their set singing along to most of everything. Singer said he was sick, but no one could tell.

Kings of Leon; They had a great set, extremely tight. They showed just how far they’ve come since their humble beginnings and are still as humble as ever. Much better experience for me than the first time I saw them at the Air Canada Centre.

Day 2

Coheed and Cambria; First time seeing these guys live. They played well, but they tend to over-play a bit in general on their instruments. Songs sound cluttered sometimes. Never-the-less, blistering guitar-solos were boner-worthy.

TV on the Radio; Great band. My first real exposure to their music and they pretty much had me dancing. Made me want to listen to everything they’ve ever done. This band is lots of fun.

Ben Harper and the Relentless7; Amazingly tight. Ben is a true master of the slide guitar and a great vocalist and songwriter. Cover Zeppelin’s “Good Times, Bad Times” and Hendrix’s “Red House”. Worth the cost of admission. Too bad we had to bail earlier to get a good spot for Tool. Bad scheduling here. Broke my heart.

Tool; What can I say? It’s fucking Tool. Simply amazing, beautifully stunning visuals. Huge crowd!

Day 3

Portugal. The Man; Really interesting band, lots of energy and great bluesy guitar licks. Lots of snarl in their sound, feedback and all they kicked some major ass.

Vampire Weekend; Almost a bit too happy for me, but I came around quickly to their songs. Good songwriting shining through with minimal instrumentation. Very fun band.

Band of Horses; Despite a delayed set time they did quite well in easing the crowd back into their show from the debaucle which was presented before them. Sadly getting cut short by the promoters (guess who) and thus having a stage war with them for about 15 minutes (annoying!)

Jane’s Addiction; Not necessarily their fault but they totally stepped on BOH’s toes when they came on. The schedule got fucked up and they ended up playing simulateously with the Horses on adjacent stages, which was quite the clusterfuck. In any event, Jane’s absolutely killed it! They may have even taken the prize for the best performance of the weekend. Their band chemistry is almost unmatched. Navarro shreds.

And now for the best part… the Hall of Shame.

Lou Reed; “I skipped Snoop Dogg for this?” I’m all for experimental, against-the-grain kind of music, but this stuff was nearly unbearable. Lou’s songs are better off as poems. Very little changes in any of his songs, and he went on a 10-15 minute noise interlude which sent his set soaring way over time (unbeknownst to him or simply negligently, I have no idea.) He was reading from a teleprompter which subsequently fucked-up and he mumbled several verses (not that he wasn’t mumbling anyways). A very forgettable performance by this “legend”.

Dan Deacon – WTF? Are those actual songs? “Wait stop.. can I get more synth in the monitors?”

Actually.. that’s about it. Everything else was awesome.


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