Slow news day today. I stumbled across this article about a new audio format MXP4 that allows the end user to remix elements in songs and create their own version. Which is pretty damn cool! Thanks to Studio Manifesto for this.


The Used’s New Album “Artwork” has leaked! Oh yeah, and they posted a new video too..

The Used have posted a new video for their lead single “Blood On My Hands” off their upcoming album “Artwork” today, and it’s actually not a bad tune. I’m not a huge Used fan but they’re kinda catchy I guess. It sounds pretty Used-ish, and I’m currently checking out the album as we speak, which also sounds Used-ish. No John Feldmann though, which is probably a good thing. I was kinda getting sick of all the sweeping EQ effects and overall over-produced-ness. Yeah, I make up my own words, so what?

the Devin Townsend Project – Coast

Here’s the first and latest video from Devin Townsend and his new found creativity.  Devin is releasing a 4 album set of new material in 2009, each one supposedely starkly different from one another.  I’m really looking forward to these as he’s one of my favourite artists at the moment.  Here’s the first cut “Coast” off his first installment “Ki”. Enjoy!

Burst is breaking up!?! Nooooooooooooo….

I just read that Burst is breaking up following their current touring schedule. Which totally sucks donkey nuts. Their last couple albums “Origo” and “Lazarus Bird” were really cool, but sadly a lot of you folks probably don’t know about them, so check them out! I bet they’re breaking up partly because you didn’t check them out. Jerks.