Concert Review – The Rosebuds @ Lee’s Palace

After a bite to eat just down the street at Mel’s Delicatessan, we headed to the show hoping that we don’t hit a huge line-up and have to wait outside the venue for a while before the show starts.  As we approached the venue, it was deserted.  We have the right night right?  We aren’t completely absent minded are we? I check the tickets and the show is indeed tonight.  We wander towards the entrance and there’s a lone security guard waiting inside. Robyn and I casually head through the checkpoints and make it inside the venue, only to confirm our suspicions.  We are the only ones there.  So what do we do? We sit along the benches for a while, kind of examining the place.  It’s Lee’s, it has kind of an interesting mystique to it.  It’s a small venue in the city but it has a good character.  The few times I’ve seen shows there it’s always been memorable somehow.

But there’s no one walking around at all?  Where is everyone? Who booked this show anyways? I thought these guys were a great band? How come no one is coming to see them? Baffling.  Nick calls.  We let him know of the situation and decide a better course of action will be to head around the corner and kill off an hour or so over some rounds.  Green room.  At 10 to 10, we’re back at Lee’s.

The place has filled a little more since we first arrived, but still only contains maybe 30 people.  The mood is relaxed as we walk in, and the opening band is finishing their set.  We learn later that the bassist/programmer is also a performing member of the Rosebuds.  Unfortunately the band name escapes me, but the openers had a distinct ambient quality to their sound.  Very down tempo.  The moment I caught from them was quite beautiful.  Very precise in execution, and they harnessed every nuance of the sounds they were making, going from soundscape improvisation into a down-tempo, lyrical, folk-like crescendo to finish their set.  That’s all we saw, but it certainly excited the senses.

The Rosebuds hit the stage about 25 minutes later.  At first I was appehensive to see how they would handle such a small group, but they seemed comfortable.  They immediately came in with strong numbers, and engaging the crowd in between songs.  With a crowd this small it’s almost as if you need to talk to people one on one, and sometimes it seemed like that.  But it helped brighten the mood for everyone even more, and it seemed to translate to the band as well. They continued through their setlist well, their sounds were quite polished and well-rehearsed, and they continued candidly speaking with the crowd more and more throughout the set, which did great things for the atmosphere in the venue.  Towards the end of the set, members of the opening band began to participate and Kelly started to bring her instruments into the crowd to interact with the audience. This eventually broke down into an acoustic jam circle on the floor of the venue.  This brought everyone’s mood up.  Everyone in the venue got involved on the floor, and everyone sang along with the instructions from the band and danced in sequence together.  They played 3 songs like this to close the set and left everyone going home happy.   There are very few times that I get to experience such a candid performance from a band, and this was great fun.  It only helped me gain more interest in their music and I loved their attitude towards the show.  Entertaining people really is what live music is about and it was great to see a band interact with their fans on such an intimate level.  This was a show I wont forget.

The Rosebuds – Life Like

Look out for a live video from the gig coming very soon.



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